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CompuShow History

Version 1 of CompuShow, a "graphic display utility for IBM compatible computers" was released in July, 1987, within weeks of the announcement of the "new" GIF graphic format developed by CompuServe. Posted in what was then known as PICS ("The Picture Support Forum") on CompuServe, the first version of CompuShow had an enthusiastic reception, accompanied by a flood of suggestions for additional features.

As originally designed, CompuShow displayed GIF, MacPaint, and CompuServe "RLE" graphics (which GIF was designed to replace), on CGA and EGA graphic adapters. In the early days, the constant challenge was to add support for additional graphic formats, new video display adapters, and the latest printers. In addition to the hardware manufacturers, CompuShow users were themselves a valuable source of information, supplying technical programming information for new devices almost as soon as they hit the store shelves. With such technical information as well as suggestions for enhancements to the program, we were able to add over a dozen of the most popular graphic file formats, and to support the latest, state-of-the-art video and printer hardware.