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I'm a registered user of CompuShow 32. What does it cost me to upgrade to version 5.1?

Upgrade postcard Your exact cost is printed above your name and address, on the address side of the upgrade postcard. The basic cost of an upgrade is $14 (60% off the cost of a new registration!) In addition, if we shipped you version 5.0 within 60 days of the release of version 5.1, your upgrade is only $7 (that's 80% off!) Of course, your total cost will include sales tax if you live in Arizona, and US$3 shipping if you live outside the U.S.

When I push the New Version? button it says I have the current version, and the Upgrade button stays grayed out
You must have uninstalled the registered version. Just reinstall the old registered version (without uninstalling the shareware version) and the upgrade button on its About box will be ready to use.

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Does CompuShow 32 support long file names?

Is CompuShow 32 a Windows 95 program?

Is CompuShow 32 a Windows 98 program?

Is CompuShow 32 a Windows ME program?

Is CompuShow 32 a Windows NT program?

Is CompuShow 32 a Windows 2000 program?

Is CompuShow 32 a Windows XP program?

What's the best way to learn to use CompuShow 32?
The "best way" is undoubtedly the User's Guide

Of course, the User's Guide is not a replacement for Help. When you have a question while running CompuShow 32, remember to push F1 for Help.

The CompuShow 32 Gallery is different from CompuShow for Windows. How does it work?
Comparing the two programs, keep in mind that CompuShow for Windows only displays thumbnails in the Gallery, while CompuShow 32 displays thumbnails for the current folder on the Main Window (just click the "document" symbol on the header control), and in the Inspect Window. So, thumbnails for the current folder are on the Main Window and the Inspect Window. You open the Gallery to examine, search, and sort all thumbnails, no matter where the files are located.

In CompuShow for Windows, I could drop files on a "Rename" or "Copy" or "Delete" symbol. They're missing from CompuShow 32! Can't I do those